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Jade story:Beautiful Color of Jade
Jade story:Beautiful Color of Jade

Many people think of jade as being green, but it actually comes in many different colors. It is because the different levels of trace elements, mainly iron, chromium, and manganese, give the minerals their wide range of colors, sometimes even in the same rock.

The hierarchy of color value of jade would be green, lavender, red, yellow, white and black. Shades of colors are common in jadeite and they very often exhibit several colors within one piece. Although emerald green is usually most expensive, combinations such as green and lavender, red and green, or white with strong green are very desirable and strong, vivid color is most welcomed.

Unfortunately a lot of the jade with rare color combination on the market is color treated instead of natural. Dishonest dealers also alter and sell dyed quartz and other gemstones, labeling them as jade. So same as other gemstones, a reliable dealer that you can trust is very important when you want to have quality guarantee.
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Your Position:Home ->jade charms-> Jade story:Beautiful Color of Jade

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