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Jade story:Ruyi
Jade story:Ruyi

Jade Ruyi
Ruyi, in Chinese wording means “have one’s wish fulfilled”, traditionally it is an S-shaped ornamental that was used for scratching the back by the imperial families.

In early Qing Dynasty, the fifth emperor, Qianlong, was very well known for his love in jade. During his reign, Qianlong always presented Jade Ruyi as gifts to his relatives and ministers and he usually held the piece when he was holding court. Jade Ruyi therefore, got the symbolic image of royalty at that time.

There is another story goes that when the Qing empress Cixi is selecting the queen for the emperor Guangxu, Jade Ruyi had been prepared for presenting to the chosen one as a keepsake from the emperor according to the Qing's rule.

Nowadays, more and more people wear Jade Ruyi as pendant or as ornament for both decoration purpose and their auspicious meaning of fulfilling one wish.

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