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Jade story:Ping An Kou
Jade story:Ping An Kou

Ping An Kou
Ping An Kou is an auspicious decoration which looks like an ancient copper coin. It can be worn as a pendant or by hanging it near the waist as a propitious decoration which keep you safe and protected.

People believe that copper coins can counteract evil force and keep its owner away from calamities. However copper coins are not pretty and attractive as an ornaments, as a result Ping An Kou emerged. It's charm successfully build up a graceful image and become a popular item among jade products. Even nowaday it is still highly appreciated by jade lovers due to its lovely and attractive design with good suggested meanings.

Jade items, as Ping An Kou are generally passed on from generations to generations because of its special meaning of bringing peace and safety to the wearer. The ancients even deemed it as the symbol of wealth and nobleness with the wishes of getting a brighter future with fortune and peace.

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Your Position:Home ->jade charms-> Jade story:Ping An Kou

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