What are the mean of DDP and DDU?   100% Cotton Corduroy
  100%human hair extension,wig,toupee   2,6-dichlorobenzaldehyde
  2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile   200gsm High Glossy Photo Paper
  70g 80g COPY PAPER   A marvelous toy vehicle for big boy!
  AbDominal trainning equipment   About mobile phone accessory
  Acid and alkali transporting latex pipe   Across Bridge
  activated carbon   adhesive papers
  Adhesive Resin   adidas t shirts
  adult products   Aescin
  Aescine Sodium   AGG Silicone Rubber Insulation High-voltag
  air compressor   airbrush tattoo
  airplane model   all kinds of socks,leg guards and wrist su
  all kinds of voile   Aluminium-plastic composite panel
  aluminum case   Aluminum Foil
  aluminum windows   Amplifier
  Anion air cleanser used for car   ankle support
  Anticancer & bioproduct   anti-collision barrel
  Antifoams   Antique Phone
  Anti-spatter agent for medal welding   Anti-wrinkle pen
  apples   aquacultural feed(artemia cysts etc.)
  art products   artificial flower
  ARTIFICIAL FLOWER   Artificial Flower---tulip
  ashtray   ATV
  auto alternators and starter motors   auto brake hose
  auto clutch   Automatic Hand dryer
  AZS Refractory   baboosh
  baby furniture   baby hooded towel
  Baby Wipes   Baby Wipes
  backpack   Backpack
  bag   Bandages
  banner stand   Barium chloride
  barium sulpahte, barium carbonate   Bathroom Mats,Cotton Mats
  Bathroom rack   bathtub faucets
  battery for mobile phone   BD-300A Syring Destroyer
  Beach slippers   Bead Ply yarn
  Bearing Hinges   bearing, chains and sprockets
  beautiful sweaters   beauty equipments
  bedding product   Bedding,home textile,comforter
  Belly fat-reducing belt(SI-2002C)   Belt Conveyor
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