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    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I am very honored to have the chance to go to Shanghai to talk with you, I would like to thank Fudan University Yangjiao Zhang, for his hospitality and warm welcome. I would also like to thank our excellent ambassador Hongbo Pei, he is our strong ties between the two countries. I do not know just what to say, but I hope that he very well.

    Today I prepare such, do first a introduction, I really want do is answering here problem not only answered here student problems also available online get some problems from here some students and Hongbo Pei Ambassadors behalf questions. I am sorry, my English is far better than your English, so I look forward to a dialogue with you. This is my first visit to China, I saw the breadth of the country that you feel very excited. Here in Shanghai, we have seen remarkable growth, high-rise towers, busy streets, as well as entrepreneurial spirit. These are all signs of China entered the 21st century, let me praise. At the same time I am also eager to see us show the Chinese ancient monuments, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will go to Beijing to see magnificent Forbidden City and the breathtaking Great Wall, the country only has a rich history, there are high hopes for the future信念.

    The same is true of the relationship between our two countries and Shanghai in the history of US-China relations is meaningful major city in 30 years ago, the "Shanghai Communique" opened our two governments and two peoples and interact on a new chapter.

    However, the U.S. ties with that country can be traced back more distant past, dating back to the early American, George Washington organized the launching ceremony of the Queen, the ship successfully to the Qing Dynasty, Washington would like to see the boat go over the to forge new ties with China. Hope that China will open up new horizons, create new partnerships. In the subsequent two centuries, the history of our bilateral relations to a torrent in many different directions, but even in the most turbulent in the direction of our two peoples to build deep, and even dramatic ties, such as the Americans will never forget that during World War II, U.S. pilots shot down over China, the local people for their hospitality, Chinese citizens risked the danger of losing everything covered with them.

    And to participate in World War II veterans are still welcome return visit of the U.S. veterans, where they entered the war. 40 years ago, we opened up between the two countries yet another link between the two countries relations began to thaw, thaw in the relationship through the table tennis competition. Between our two countries have differences, but we also share a common humanity and shared a common curiosity, like a ping-pong the same manner, that the state is the same, but has brought this small beginning of the "Shanghai Communique" come out, eventually also brought the United States established diplomatic relations in 1979. In the subsequent 30 years, we have made considerable progress in 1979 US-China trade 50 billion dollars, has now more than 400 billion U.S. dollars.

    Trade in many ways affected people's lives, such as the United States, many of the computer components, as well as clothes are imported from China, we export to China of Chinese industry to use the machines, such trade can create more sides of the Pacific employment opportunities for our people to lead a better quality of life.

    On the demand tends to balance the process, this trade could be a broader trade. Now we have active cooperation and the overall relationship, for our major global issues in the current partnership opens the door on these issues, including economic recovery, the development of clean energy to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, as well as climate change. Also in Asia and around the world to promote peace and stability, all of these issues I will be tomorrow's talks with President Hu Jintao talked about. In 1979, we linked the two peoples is very limited, and now the curiosity of the year table tennis can be established in many areas of the contacts can be seen, the largest number of students in the United States come from China. In the United States students, studying Chinese has increased by 50%. Our two countries, there are nearly 200 sister cities, American and Chinese scientists in many areas of research and discovery of new areas of cooperation, and our two peoples love of basketball, Yao Ming is an example. However, this line I can not watch Shanghai Sharks of the game was a little disappointed.

    So this relationship between our two countries has brought us positive changes, it is not accidental, the Chinese made hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and this achievement is unprecedented in human history. China on global issues also play a greater role in the United States has also witnessed the growth of our economy. The ancient Chinese saying words,温故而知新. Of course, we have encountered over the past 30 years, the setbacks and challenges, our relationship is not without difficulties, there is no differences. But we must certainly rival the idea should not be immutable. As the co-operation between our two countries, the United States and China have become more prosperous, more secure. On the basis of mutual interests, mutual respect can be accomplished.

    However, this depends on the success of contact we have to understand each other, to be able to conduct frank and sincere dialogue to understand each other. Just as the U.S. table tennis player said, we as human beings share a common desire, but our two countries is different. I think that our two countries each country should outline their own way to go, China is an ancient civilization, it has a profound culture. In contrast, the United States is a young country, its culture by immigrants from many different countries, the impact of the guidance document the impact of our democratic system, I have a very simple desire, on behalf of a number of core principles is that all The men are created equal, all have basic rights, and the Government should reflect the will of the people, trade should be open, the flow of information should be free, while laws to guarantee the fair.

    Of course, our country's history is not never been in difficulty, in many ways, for many years, we have been through the struggle to promote these principles, or is that all people can enjoy, in order to create a more perfect union, We also played a very painful civil war, a portion of the population we have been enslaved released, after a period of time to give women the right to vote, the right of organized labor, including immigrants from all over all of them can not accept it. Even if they were after the liberation of Africa and the Americans and the Americans through a number of separate, unequal conditions, over a period of time to secure full equal rights, all of these are not easy. However, these core principles of our faith we have made progress, in the darkest of the turmoil as our compass.

    This is why Lincoln said during the civil war to stand up in any one country to freedom, to the principle of equality of all human beings to the existence of long-term, that is why Dr. King at the Lincoln Memorial in front stood up and said that our country must truly want to the realization of our faith. That is why immigrants from China or Kenya can come to our home, and is the reason why a less than 50 years ago, before the vote in some places do not even have encountered difficulties, they now can do that country's president.

    That is why the United States never to the core principles around the world to speak, we do not seek to force any political system, to any country, but we do not believe that we support these principles are unique to our country, the freedom of expression, religion, freedom of worship, access to information, political participation, we believe that these are universal rights of all people should be able to enjoy, including ethnic and religious communities, whether in China, the United States and any country, for the universal rights respect, as the United States to other countries, the guiding principles of openness, we have respect for other cultures, our commitment to international law and the principle of faith in the future.

    All of these are you know some information about the United States, we have a lot to learn from China. We take a look around this great city, but also take a look at this room, I believe that our two countries are very important in common, that is, faith in the future, whether the United States or China, the achievements of the present can not be complacent. Although China is an ancient country, you are also confident in the future, is committed to next generation can do better than this generation, in addition to your growing economy, we are in line with China in science and research with regard to the power input , including the construction of infrastructure and the use of technology, China is the world's largest country in the use of Internet technology, that is, we are very pleased that the Internet is today part of the activities, the country also has the largest mobile telephone network, for new investment to maintain continued growth, and responding to climate change, there is new investment, I also hope that China would strengthen cooperation in this area.

    But even more important is to see the young people of your talent, your dedication, your dream in the 21st century will play a significant role. I have said many times, I think the world is interconnected, and we have done, we created the prosperity, we protect the environment, we seek security, all of which are common, and is interconnected Therefore, the strength of the 21st century is not a zero-sum game, the success of a country to another country should not sacrifice the cost. This is why we do not seek to contain China's rise. On the contrary, we welcome the international community, China, as a strong, prosperous and successful members.

    Go back to just saying, we should consider in the past. In co-operation, when a large country, it will collide with each other to obtain more than very good, which is constantly in the history of mankind the lessons learned. I think we should go beyond inter-governmental cooperation in the cooperation should be based on people-based, we have studied, and we are engaged in business, and we get access to knowledge, we have conducted, sports competitions, all of these bridges must be young people together to set up, which is why I am very pleased that we have to announce our big number of foreign students studying in China should be increased to 10 million people. Such an exchange would show we are willing to work to strengthen ties between the two peoples, but I am absolutely confident. For the United States, the best ambassadors, the best messenger is that young people who like you, great talent, full of vitality, the history of the future is still very optimistic, and this is the next step in our cooperation to benefit both countries and the world.

    Today can absorb one of the most important element is that we constantly move forward. Thank you very much. I am happy to ask questions.

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